The Fiddle

Oh, old folk, the laughter of your sorrow is like the blaze of the sea!

So, take a fiddle and play joy with the string of grief,

Marry in your song a dragonfly to a tiger, and an eagle to a fish!

Let snows cry and rains dance to your fiddle!

Y. Rybchinsky

A cage is a symbol of the soul captivated in the body for passing through some stages of learning.

After the cage destructs, the soul will float away to return to it again. This way the soul endlessly goes through the stages of birth and death in order to revive at a higher level. The process is cyclic not only for people: day - night, sunrise – sunset, winter – summer…

In all these transformations we are accompanied by music. Seven beautiful notes that give such a plethora of sounds.

Compositionally the body of the violinist is pressed in space, as if in a cage, which during all his life he is trying to move apart - like our planet, that is getting small for us and we are trying to embrace the space around it and emerge into endless Space.

‘For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief’.

Ecclesiastes 1:18