Archangel Michael

Taxiarch, stern Michael,
Hear us, the Holy Servant,
Protect our town from enemies,
From sects, from wars and troubles, Guardian.


Holding his sword up high, he is dashing to help!

Archangel Michael means “Who is like God”, and is the leader of the Heavenly Powers. He carries a fiery sword and his mission is to protect all laws of God and defeat enemies. When Lucifer sinned in Heaven, the order of the Heavenly Powers was distorted and angels started falling to Earth. Then archangel Michael stepped into the middle and said, “He who is like God!” Since then angels stopped falling as they listened to archangel Michael and understood the sin of the fallen angels.

On Archangel Michael’s wing there is a symbol of eternity.Archangel Michael

 An ancient Armenian symbol of eternity -  arevakhach (solar cross). The fylfot, entered in a circle, as a kind of cross, emphasizes the time of the motion, the transformation of life into death and of death into life.    

It also stands for a whirlwind, a vortex, with the help of which there is accumulated energy, which is necessary for passing from one energetic level to another.