A Dialogue

A dialogue between heaven and earth!

A dialogue with one’s consciousness!

A dialogue with people, surrounding us!

Do we have time to listen to the sorrow and pain that fill their hearts? How often do we address our angel, do we hear its voice? Can we see the signs that fortune sends us?

The angel is sitting on a wheel with spokes in the shape of a shamrock, which symbolizes the most important triads: unity, harmony and perfection; earth, heaven and the other world; the spirit, the soul and the body…

The wheel itself is the symbol of the solar energy. The sun is the centre, and the spokes are rays. The wheel is an attribute of all gods of sun and their earthly messengers. It stands for the life cycle, instability and change in the material world.

The angel on the wheel is God’s messenger, accompanying us in the material world. It points to the cross of Jerusalem A Dialogue or the cross of pilgrims, the symbol of the order of the Holy Sepulcher.