Changes are the basis of life.

Anatole France

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries – the first zodiacal sign. In ancient mythology Mars is the god of war. Brave, vehement, fearless, despising danger.

Mars, one of the ancient gods of Italy and Rome, was in the triad of gods, primarily heading the Roman pantheon. March was devoted to him and it was the first month of the ancient calendar when the ritual of driving winter away was executed.

There are different viewpoints on the initial nature of Mars. He is considered the god of fertility and vegetation, the god of wild nature and everything unknown and unexplored outside the settlement, the god of war.

Mars was accompanying warriors going to the battle. According to some legends, he had three lives. Landowners, making a traditional purifying walk around their lands, addressed a request to Mars to give fertility to their fields, health to their families, slaves and cattle.

From the depth of the galaxy, like a flash, an explosion, there bursts through the god of war, the god of change, in order to sweep away the old before the new is born. On his head there is a helmet in the shape of the horns of Aries, behind his back there is a fluttering cloak, a symbol of uniqueness and power. His fearless look is directed ahead to victory. The sward in his hands is pointed at the goal only seen by him.