Svarozhich is the son of the great God Svarog, one of the most fierce and powerful gods in the pantheon of the ancient Slavs. His son symbolized the fire and mostly earthly fire, which at the same time originated from the sun. He granted warmth and light necessary for a good harvest. On the other hand he could destroy the sprouts by sending drought or fire. The predecessors of the Slavs respected the god very much and tried to please him by all means. Some tribes also believed that Svarog’s son protected the warriors and people whose job was connected with risk and danger.

A mascot Svarozhich was very popular with our ancestors, the Slavs. It is considered to be able to keep all the various forms of life in our world unchanged. Under its protection the family memory can be passed down from predecessors to descendants thus connecting different generations.

Svarozhich means the heavenly fire, with the help of which a person may gain the energy of their ancestors or demonstrate their own heavenly energy, which exists in every one of us since our birth. The Slavs’ worship of Svarozhich was immense. They prayed to him every day, looking at the fire in the hearth.

In the drawing God Svarog is depicted above his son’s head as the sun. His son, Svarozhich is sitting on horseback and is as though descending from Heaven. In his hand there's a spear, a holy symbol of power. The spear had a solar and a cosmological meaning and was identified with the World Axis. Besides it was perceived as a phallic symbol. In this way the spear stands for the machismo, giving life and power, fertility and military valour.

         On his arm there are ancient Slavic symbols acting as mascots. The same mascot can be seen on his horse’s neck, which guards both the horse and the rider from evil spirits.