Thinking of God you understand that the fragile corporeal membrane cannot endure communication with space for long.

January 12, 1999


* * *     

If you do not let your soul ache…  yearn…

If you do not tousle your soul, there will appear no sculptures.

April, 1999


* * *

My understanding of God came through sculpture.

January 30, 2000


* * *

An excessive striving for freedom leads to chaos, and in chaos one looks for order.

March 26, 2000


* * *

There is nothing faster than a thought. Only a thought can travel to the most remote places and materialize, provided that it is strong enough in its imagination.

March 27, 2000


* * *

The Artist is lucky as in his lifetime he can warm in the rays of Light, which most people will touch only after their physical death.



* * *

I do not see the development of the matter as some orderly system. It can only be brought to order by the Spirit blown into by opposition and interrelation.