If a shellfish could speak and were asked where the construction it carries on its back and hides to comes from and who has shaped such a bulk so beautifully, he would answer, “ Me! Me! Me! I am working hard day and night, doing my best, and have created all this.” 

The shellfish is unable to see the divinity of geometric shapes and the harmony of the linear motion laid into the structure of generation by the Creator Himself. Therefore it believes that it is the author of the creation.

In the same way a person does not notice the shape they wrap themselves into. They do not see that when they behave contrary to nature, the language of the expression changes dramatically and a particular discomfort in perception appears.  

Let us take modern urban planning as an example.

A disharmonic approach generates a malignant lump spreading on the surface and destroying everything around itself. However, if one creates the opposite, melds with nature and let it transform through you the idea which is basically realized by the Creator Himself, we will see the divinity of geometric shapes, harmony.


That will be the key to truth.