Александр Самвел

Alexander Georgievich Georgyan

(Pseudonym Alexander Samvel)


Member of the Artists' Union of Russia

Member of International Association of Art (IAA / AIAP), UNESCO

Born on the 1 st of April, 1965 in Baku

1981 – 1985 – Saratov Art College, Faculty of Sculpture

1985 – 1987 – serves in the Soviet Army in Kovrov

1989 – 1996 – Erevan Art Institute, Faculty of Sculpture

Since 1993 works in Ekaterinburg

Member of the Artists; Union of Russia since 1998

1994 - 2000 - participated in numerous exhibitions in Ekaterinburg and other Russian cities

1997 – Won 1 st degree Diploma from the cultural department of Ekaterinburg and the Ural Museum of Youth on young artists exhibition - contest and a grant from the “Gallery” company (Moscow)

1998 – Documentary “The Babylon Wanderer” about Alexander Samvel was created on the Sverdlovsk State Television and Radio Company.

May to July 1999 – a personal exhibition was held in the residence of Sverdlovsk region Governor. Alexander Samvel was awarded with Governor’s Diploma.

1999 – the development of the statue “Juventa” for the award approved by the authorities of Chelyabinsk city and the Youth Affairs Department.

November- December 2003 – participation in the 9th interregional art exhibition in Ekaterinburg.

2009– Exhibition in residency of Russian Federation President in Ekaterinburg, dedicated to SCO and BRIK summit.

2009– Awarded with the diploma for an outstanding contribution to the culture of Sverdlovsk region from the Minister of Cultural Affairs N. Vetrova

2011 June – exhibition dedicated to the Russia Day in the Regional Museum, awarded with the diploma from the Minister of Cultural Affairs and Tourism A.Badaev.

November 2011 - May 2012 – participation in Ural-Grapho, the biannual exhibition of graphics, which acquired the status of the first open federal festival within the Alliance of Artists of Russia.

2012 – the Alliance of Artists of Russia award for “Achievements in creative work and assistance in development of fine arts in Russia”, Moscow, the chairman of “The Alliance of Artists of Russia”A. N. Kovalchuk.

2013– certificate of honour from the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region “For an essential contribution into the development of culture of Sverdlovsk region”.

February, 2013 – participation in the exhibition held in the residence of the governor of Sverdlovsk region, timed to the 20 th anniversary of the Armenian community “Ani-Armenia”

October – November 2013 - participation in the 11 th interregional art exhibition in Tyumen city.

March, 2014 – letter of thanks from the Minister of Education of Sverdlovsk region Y.I. Biktuganov “For support and assistance in preservation and development of professional art education in Sverdlovsk region”.

Novemeber, 2014 – the award of the special prize of the MIA of the Russian Federation in the sphere of art.

October, 2014 – a diploma of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation signed by the colonel-general of the police, V. Kolokoltsev “For the creation of publicly acclaimed works in the sphere of sculpture and applied arts, promoting the activity of the Bodies of Internal Affairs and internal troops.”

2014 – A letter of thanks from Head of DG MIA of Russian in Chelyabinsk region Lieutenant-General of the police V.A. Skalunov ‘For cooperation with the DG MIA of Chelyabinsk Region and a great contribution into the development and erection of the memorial “To the Soldiers of Law and Order” ‘

2014 – A letter of thanks from the Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts, signed by the director of the museum M.V. Ageeva, For the disinterested gift to the museum’s collection.

March, 2015 – Awarded a silver medal “Spirituality, Traditions, Mastery” by the Union of Artists of Russia

June, 2015 - Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Education of Sverdlovsk Region for long-term fruitful work, a great personal contribution to the development of Fine Arts in Sverdlovsk region

October, 2015 – The Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts purchased the sculpture “Peter in Glory”

April, 2016 – Diploma for active participation in the work of the expert council of the Russian Art week. Moscow.

May, 2016 - Diploma for active participation in the work of the expert council of the International exhibition-contest in portrait art “Art Portrait Club”, Moscow

September, 2016 - Certificate of Merit from the governor of Sverdlovsk region “For active social activity and a great contribution to the development of cross- national integration in Sverdlovsk region”

November, 2016 – Diploma for participation in the work of the expert Council of the XXI exhibition of modern art. Moscow.

July, 2017 – Diploma from the Board of ANKO of the Sverdlovsk region “For active participation in exhibition projects directed to preservation and development of international agreement, promotion of the best samples of the national culture of the peoples living in Sverdlovsk region.”

Alexander Samvel holds a unique technique of modeled porcelain, which excludes replication. He also works with stone, bronze and electrotype. His works are owned by private collectors in Russia and abroad.